What is Bundled Payment Care?

The board certified neurosurgeons at the Neurological & Spine Institute have been providing general and sub-specialty neurosurgery regionally and nationally since 1974. These neurosurgeons provide surgical and non-surgical management of all types of neurological and spine pathology. Neurological & Spine Institute has the resources to provide all the radiographic, surgical, and pre- and post-operative care needed to treat patients with neurosurgical problems.

The Neurological & Spine Institute is pleased to offer patients and third-party payers bundled pricing options for the treatment of most neurosurgical and spine problems. These bundled pricing options include neurosurgeon evaluation, non-surgical conservative and surgical treatment, and follow-up care up to six months.

The surgeons at Neurological & Spine Institute recognize the value of early diagnosis and prompt treatment of most neurosurgical and spinal problems. One hundred years of cumulative practice experience treating tens of thousands of patients has allowed the doctors at Neurological & Spine Institute to create non-surgical treatment plans that have been proven to be effective and less costly if the patient is enrolled into the program close to the time of the onset of symptoms. The tools used in this conservative management may include radiographic studies (MRI, CT, Xray, Myelography, Discography, Ultrasound), physician-supervised physical therapy, interventional pain management, and patient education. All of these services and treatments will be included in the bundled price. The treating surgeon would be able to order or prescribe services in the program at no additional charge for up to six months. 

Early referral and entry into the treatment program also allows the surgeon to decide quickly in the treatment course which patients are likely to fail treatment with conservative measures. The surgeon will be able to proceed with either a timely surgical correction or recommend other treatment options.

In patients who fail to improve with conservative measures, or patients whose pathology is unlikely to respond to conservative measures may, together with their surgeon, choose a surgical correction. Neurological & Spine Institute can offer these patients a bundled price for the surgery. These surgeries are performed at the Neurological & Spine Institute Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC). The Neurological & Spine Institute ASC has been AAAHC certified continuously since 2008. Over 5,000 neurosurgeries and 18,000 interventional pain procedures have been performed at this ASC since inception. Patient satisfaction rates, surgical infection rate, and unplanned hospital admission rates are among the best in the country. The surgery-bundled price includes all fees (facility, surgeon, anesthesia) associated with that episode of care and for sixty days after the surgery. Any payments already made at that time will be applied to the surgery bundle price.