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Roy P. Baker, M.D.

Board certified Neurosurgeon

Dr. Roy Baker is the senior neurosurgeon in the group, having practiced in Savannah since July of 1983. After having been engaged in a busy surgical career over the past 35 years, his practice is now limited to office neurosurgery. Dr. Baker is actively involved in seeing adult patients for neurosurgical consultation in the outpatient office in Savannah on a daily basis. His special interests include evaluation and treatment of traumatic and degenerative problems of the spine, as well as intracranial injuries and tumors.

Dr. Baker is an Alabama native, who graduated from medical school at University of Alabama in Birmingham, did his neurosurgical training at Washington University in St. Louis, and has been in practice here in Savannah since that time. He has been board certified since 1985, and has been an active member of the major national neurosurgical associations. Dr. Baker has been especially active in the Southern Neurosurgical Society through the years, and served as its president several years ago. He is married and has three grown children, four grandchildren, and is a former pilot.

“I enjoy working with the patients who come to see me in the office, trying to help determine the cause for their problem, and treating them with non-surgical means if at all possible. I think that it is vitally important for the patients to be involved with their own physical well-being as well, and I try to help them with that. When it becomes obvious that the best approach will be surgical, I can easily expedite further evaluation and surgical intervention with any of my partners here at the Neurosurgical & Spine Institute. We work very closely with the patient’s referring physician to optimize treatment of the whole person, and not just the neurosurgical issue.”