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Pediatric Neurosurgery

Unlike fully-grown adults, children are still growing, and their bones, nerves and muscles develop at a quicker rate than adults’. Pediatric neurosurgeons specialize in implementing treatment methods that are specific to children. These specialists have received unique training in these areas.

Neurological problems seen by pediatric neurosurgeons are many times different from those typicallydr thompson and pediatric neurosurgery, spine center Savannah, Spine surgery second opinion Savannah, spine surgeon Savannah, Second opinion for spine surgery Savannah, Laser spine surgery Savannah, Minimally invasive spine surgery Savannah, Home remedies for back pain Savannah, nonsurgical treatment for back pain Savannah, Herniated disc Savannah, spinal injections Savannah, Artificial disc replacement Savannah, neurological institute, neurological problems Georgia, neurosurgery Georgia, neurosurgery hilton head, pediatric neurosurgery Georgia, spine surgeon Georgia, Herniated disc Georgia, Spine surgeon second opinion Georgia, Minimally invasive spine surgery Georgia seen by adult or general neurosurgeons. It is important for the neurosurgeon to have special training in pediatric diseases as they relate to pediatric neurological diseases. Pediatric neurological problems may be present for life and it is important for pediatric neurosurgeons have a unique and longterm relationship with their patients. It is usual for children with nervous system problems to require ongoing follow-up throughout childhood and adolescence.

Common problems treated by pediatric neurosurgeons

The pediatric neurosurgeons at Neurological and Spine Institute diagnose, treat, and manage children’s nervous system problems and head and spinal deformities including the following:

  • Head deformities
  • Spine deformities
  • Problems and injuries of the brain, spine, or nerves
  • Gait abnormalities (spasticity)
  • Birth injuries (weakness of arms and legs)

At Neurological and Spine Institute we understand that children are not just small adults. Dr. Willard Thompson, Jr. is a fellowship-trained neurosurgeon at Neurosurgical & Spine Institute, he knows how to examine and treat children in a way that makes them relaxed and cooperative. He understands that children are not always able to fully communicate what is bothering them. And that they cannot always answer medical questions during a medical examination. A pediatric neurosurgeon has the greatest range of treatment options, including the most extensive and complete training, and the most expertise in dealing with children and in treating neurological problems.

If you have questions or concerns about pediatric neurosurgery at the Neurological and Spine Institute, please call to schedule a consultation.