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Spinal Cord Injury

Facts | Symptoms | Treatment options


A spinal cord injury is the result of trauma to the cells or nerves in the spinal cord that usually involves fracture or dislocation to vertebrae. This damage can come in the form of bruising, compression or tearing. When vertebrae are damaged like this, the nerves that carry messages back and forth to the brain can be damaged as well. In extreme cases, a spinal cord injury can cause paralysis and loss of sensation and reflexes.


These symptoms depend on the severity of the spinal cord injury. dr wirth, spine center Savannah, Spine surgery second opinion Savannah, spine surgeon Savannah, Second opinion for spine surgery Savannah, Laser spine surgery Savannah, Minimally invasive spine surgery Savannah, Home remedies for back pain Savannah, nonsurgical treatment for back pain Savannah, Herniated disc Savannah, spinal injections Savannah, Artificial disc replacement Savannah, neurological institute, neurological problems Georgia, neurosurgery Georgia, neurosurgery hilton head, pediatric neurosurgery Georgia, spine surgeon Georgia, Herniated disc Georgia, Spine surgeon second opinion Georgia, Minimally invasive spine surgery GeorgiaThey can include difficulty breathing, pain in the injured area, bed sores, muscle spasms, sexual dysfunction and infections in the lung or bladder.



Spinal cord injuries require immediate treatment when they are severe. A neurosurgeon will determine the best treatment option for spinal cord injuries on an individual basis. These treatments can include adapting methods to relieve spinal cord compression, drug therapy and stabilizing the vertebrae.